DNS (Domain Name System)

DNS (Domain Name System) is a global, distributed, delegated database of records about domain names. Each type of record holds a specific type of information. DNS is queried with a domain name and desired record type. The response is the record data associated with the queried data. Some records contain an IP address for a domain name, other record types contain email or SIP server information for a domain name, etc.

Related Terms:

Domain, Domain Name

The domain name (hostname) of an agency or element in an ESInet.

Relevant NENA Documents
Note: To find and download the document, copy the document number (like NENA-STA-010) from below and search the NENA Standards and Documents page.

  • NENA-STA-010, NENA i3 Standard for Next Generation 9-1-1
  • NENA-INF-016, NENA Emergency Services IP Network Design (ESIND) Information Document
  • NENA 75-001, NENA Security for Next-Generation 9-1-1 Standard (NG-SEC)
  • NENA 75-502, Next Generation 9-1-1 Security (NG-SEC) Audit Checklist
  • NENA 04-503, NENA Technical Information Document Network/System Access Security