Inter-tandem Transfer

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Inter-tandem Transfer is the capability of transferring a call over the 9‑1‑1 network from a PSAP served by one 9‑1‑1 tandem to a PSAP served by a different 9‑1‑1 tandem.

Relevant NENA Documents
Note: To find and download the document, copy the document number (like NENA-STA-010) from below and search the NENA Standards and Documents page.

  • NENA 02-011, NENA Data Standards for Local Exchange Carriers, ALI Service Providers & 9-1-1 Jurisdictions
  • NENA 03-503, NENA SS7 Guidelines for Wireline and VoIP Emergency Services Gateway Interconnection to 9-1-1 Selective Routers
  • NENA 05-501, NENA Technical Information Document - SS7 Guidelines for MSC to Selective Router Connectivity