AACN (Advanced Automatic Collision Notification)

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AACN (Advanced Automatic Collision Notification) is an emergency call placed by a vehicle, initiated either automatically or manually, conveying telematics data. "Advanced” indicates that the call carries advanced telematics data such as information about a crash, rollover, fire, or other incident, the vehicle description and location, etc.

Also known as:

Telematics Call

Related Terms:

ACN (Automatic Collision Notification)

The same as AACN but without the advanced aspects.

NG-AACN (Next-Generation AACN)

An AACN call using NG9-1-1 and conveying the data in the call set-up, so the call can be identified as an AACN during routing and call handling, and the data may be available to call handling equipment and a call taker immediately.

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NENA-INF-030, NENA Impact of IoT Devices and Emergency Calling Applications Information Document

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