ENS (Emergency Notification Systems)

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ENS (Emergency Notification Systems) is a general category for any systems used to notify persons or devices of an emergency. May include changeable message signs, sirens, telephone and other media.

Related Terms:

LAENS (Large Area Emergency Notification System)

A communications system used by a public safety agency to notify people in a large area about an emergency condition.

WAENS (Wide Area Emergency Notification System)

A communications system designed to deliver information (action or knowledge related) regarding a public safety, public service or emergency management event. Message recipients may include first responder staff from multiple jurisdictions, residents living in a small segment of a neighborhood/community or an entire county, motorists traveling on freeways or major thoroughfares or, quite simply, almost anyone anywhere.

Relevant NENA Documents
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NENA 56-003, NENA Minimum Standards for Emergency Telephone Notification Systems Document